Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Same client as the Silhouette Girl above. This one of a bride. I am experimenting with the colored lines technique. Kinda like it. Everything's so girly and pink about these drawings. But that's okay...I'm secure in my heterosexuality. And, oh yeah, I DO realize this one looks like the "Teacher" character from the educational products company, with just slightly different proportions. Well, she recently got married, is all! Now the kids will have to call her by her new name.

Ah, I figured they were different clients, different markets, so I decided to use my default pretty blonde girl again. Actually, if you've ever seen my wife, this looks like a cartoon version of her alot, ao that must be where that "template" comes from in my head.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Silhouette Girl

Just wanted to see if this thing still worked! Been awhile since I posted. This is a simple job I've been working on, some spot illos for a repeat client. She had a clip art of this kind of thing, a girl walking her dog, (the bottome one, with the pink around it) and wanted me to redesign it, with my own flair. Mine is the larger one, with the cell phone. Yes, I know it's"Barbie-esque". That fits in with the client's corporate image.