Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shoes! .....?

Yep, this is going down in history as one of my strangest live gigs ever. Believe it or not.... I was recently hired by an agent to draw SHOES. I've drawn faces, all sides of figures, people as Simpsons characters, as Superheroes, as M&Ms, as Cars, as Animals, all sorts of things. But this was my first "from the knee down" gig.
It was for a shoe event at a local high end department store. This afternoon, a few weeks ago, they had me, a DJ, and a caterer ( serving cosmos .... very "Sex in the City"-ish). All I was supposed to do was draw the customers' feet as they posed them in the store's very price-y shoes.
Here I remembered to snap a picture of my "models" for you. Let me tell you, feet aren't the easiest things to draw. Well, cartoony feet like I usually draw, aren't hard. But pretty, even sexy feet... well, that's not something a cartoonist who usually specializes in caricaturing faces is accustomed to drawing. I learned one thing for sure-don't give a woman a "fat foot"!
Now by THIS time, I'd kinda figured out a "style" for the feet. Likeness, I learned, wasn't important. Just drawing a sexy, elegant foot was. Oh, and the shoes had to be pretty exact! This particular pair was for sale for $1200!

Yeah... my jaw fell open, too.

The lady IN the shoe said she bought them just because I made her foot look so good in it. I sold LOTS of $$$ worth of shoes for the store this day.

Shoes.... who woulda thought?

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Never fear.... the rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated. I AM still here. Just very busy working. In between assignments, I am continuing to develop the comic strip I've spoken about recently. The entire concept is going through lots o changes.... I'm not ready to share most of them yet, but I did want to show this first ever lineup of the entire family/cast. Hope you like!