Friday, October 30, 2009

LiveDraw: Leany

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Been really busy. Been doing a few "Live Draw" gigs, where the client hires me to draw people "in action", even without them knowing it. Pretty cool. I draw them from any view, side, rear, straight on, whatever... with very little posing. Actually, often with NO posing, like this guy. Total "Hit and Run". I went and gave him his drawing when I was done. This one was done at a convention for Staffing companies. Great group of people who really liked the "Live Draws".

Monday, October 05, 2009


Drew my main man awhile back. Was from an old sketch, but a client contacted me for a bunch of biblical images, so I redid and colored this one. Hmmm... been reading about talits lately ( the scarf ), and now realize I should redo His on this piece. Gotta remember to do that....

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rodney Howard Browne

I went and heard this anointed man of God, Rodney Howard Browne, teach at a local church last Sunday. Rodney is from South Africa and feels that God has sent him to be a missionary TO AMERICA. Tens of Thousands ( hundreds of thousands maybe? ) have come to Christ here and abroad through his ministry. Really inspiring.

This, by the way, is my ballpoint pen caricature of Rodney as he taught. Yeah, drawing in church. LOL. Actually, whether you want to blame it on the ADD one doctor told me I have, or just on my "artist's brain", I pay better attention WHEN I'm drawing. I'm guessing a lot of artists are that way...