Thursday, December 23, 2010

Monday, December 06, 2010


Drew this guy recently in the parking lot of a 7-11. I saw him outside and since I had my iPad with me, I decided to sketch him ( long story, but I was early to the airport to pick my parents up, and pulled in the 7-11 to sit until they called me from baggage claim). I am trying to get my iPad sketches as good as some of my friends' live digital work at gigs on the wacom, that way I can book more digital gigs. I think I'm getting close...

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Gunslinger, part 2

An old, crusty gunslinger from the same job.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I've got this client that I've worked with for many, many years now who prints up simple card games for people to buy. He always wants drawings in a sequence... kind of like a limited animation scene. He only wants black and white images ( too bad ), but they're usually a lot of fun to draw. This time around, the theme was "gunslingers". The job was to draw a few gunslingers, in three poses: About to draw their gun/guns....
...drawing their gun(s), and...
...getting shot. This guy was the first one I did, a kind of " Marshall Matt Dillon" from "Gunsmoke" or "Hoss" from "Bonanza".

My Dad was a big Western fan when I was growing up ( John Wayne was his favorite), so I've watched plenty of Western TV shows and movies myself.

BTW, I think I colored this one just for myself. I'll try to find it and post here.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hmmm. Today makes you think, you know?

We got a call from an Aunt in Iowa whose Dad ( she married into the family) just passed away unexpectedly yesterday.

We also got a call from an artist friend whose Mom is in terminal condition. They were surprised she made it till morning, up in the ICU of a Georgia hospital.

So, all this has me thinking today even more about how good my life is, and how blessed I am. Give thanks today to HE who gave it all to you, and hug your loved ones a few extra seconds today, okay?

Here's hoping you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

iPad 4.2 : Where the heck is my Screen Lock?

I was ecstatic to download the iPad 4.2 operating system today. Mainly because I've been waiting to be able to create folders for my bookmarks. I now have my seven pages down to one and a half- Woo Hoo!

BUT.... ( insert imposing DUM DUM DUM music...)

They changed the screen lock button to a mute button! ARGGH! I was perfectly fine with toggling down the volume switch to mute. It was bad enough trying to read a website with the screen changing orientation on me, but I could only imagine how frustrated I was going to be trying to draw on this thing now.

So, I did some googling and found a solution, which I've shown in the screen capture above ( yes that is me and my beautiful girls and our dog on the screen). To lock the screen orientation, double-click the Home button on the iPad and slide the gray tray all the way to the right to reveal a lock, volume, and brightness controls and iPod playback controls. Yay! Crisis averted!

Monday, November 15, 2010

iPad toon

I just returned from the ISCA convention in Vegas, and man, am I behind here in the studio! Lots of people wanting their caricatures drawn. Thank God, right?

Anyway, no time for much bloggery, but thought I'd throw this quick sketch up here that I did on the iPad the other day.

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

The King, Part 2

I changed a few things before I colored this piece. Boomhauer's can changed to a bottle, all of the cans are now the same size, I added the recycle bin, etc. More than in the opening of the show, I played with colors in my version. All of the blue pants contrast with my orange-y fence. The blue bands on the cans are right against that as well, "popping" them out. The recycle bin is orange, against the blue of the pants right next to him.There's a lot of yellow in that fence, which butts up against a purple of the roof of the house. The red hat is against the green trees. All kinds of stuff going on.

If you haven't tried "King of the Hill" before, do so. It's running twice a night where I live ( Orlando, FL ).. And if you dont' like the art, like I didn't at first... well, do what I did, and redesign it!!!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

The King....

I don't know why exactly, but during "The King of the Hill"s decade or so run on TV, I never really watched an episode. I didn't have a real reason that I know of. Sure, the "shakey line" art style bothered me, but that didnt' bother me too badly on "Beavis and Butthead", also by Mike Judge several years prior. I think it was the early Sunday night timeslot it had.. I was never at home watching TV that time of night. On any night.

But I did notice something very early on about "The King"... Hank Hill, the father of the show, and it's namesake, I suppose, bore an UNCANNY resemblance to my maternal grandfather. George Suttle, "Papa" to me, hung the moon. He lived long enough to get to know and love my incredible wife, Barbie, but passed on just before the birth of my oldest daughter, now twelve. I had him for 28 years or so, and after my Dad, he was the best man I've ever known. I need to dig up some photos of Papa to post here.. so you can see the resemblance between him and Hank Hill too.

Anyway... these past few months, I have become a HUGE fan of "King of the Hill" in reruns. Hank looks so much like Papa, and does have some of his qualities. But Hank is a great character all on his own. As are all the characters. The show is set in Texas, in the Bible Belt. I am from South Carolina, the virtual buckle of the Bible Belt. So, a lot of the conservative attitudes of the show are familiar to me. In fact, a lot of them I share. That's one thing I like about the show... they are true, in their writing, to the characters, but don't really talk "down" about their beliefs and attitudes too much. It's not a show that makes fun of the small town, religious, conservative Americans it portrays. Well, not too much. Pretty remarkable these days, considering how liberal Hollywood is.

I was watching an episode of "King" tonight, and had a sketchbook in my hand. Every once in awhile, I like to do my own versions of cartoons and movies I like. The goal, rather than copying, is to pretend it's a character design job, and put my own twist on the characters. Still keeping the basic character designs, but tweaking them to exist in "my world". Next, I'll show my color version....


After watching some toons the other night with my girls, I decided to try my toony version of Booster Gold, a DC Superhero. Thought I'd let you see...

Friday, October 29, 2010

IPad stuff

My location at this Vegas gig a couple of weeks ago left a lot to be desired.
I was in the hallway, which sounds great, but turned out to be a real detriment. If I was drawing someone, they kind of blocked the screen and that made me almost invisible. So most people passed right by, into the convention hall without seeing me. In fact, it wasn't until the last day that I ever had much of a line for people waiting. And when I drew them, they said they hadn't seen me for the past two days. Ugh. Oh well.

What I did find out on the last day, with people waiting, is that I was actually drawing pretty quickly, learning curve and all. It turns out I was drawing these , under sketch, shading, and all, in less than five minutes. That was good to know.

Oh yeah, one other weird thing about drawing and projecting... The iPad VGA adapter doesn't fit really well on any VGA cord I could find. So a couple of times at the show, the cord separated from the adapter and I lost my signal on the monitor. Yikes. But I figured out how to work around it so it didn't happen anymore.

I learned a ton at this gig, and am looking forward to my next iPad gig adventure.

PS... I lost my cool new iFaraday stylus at this show! Yep, the lack of a pen clip caught up with me. I vaguely remember putting the stylus behind my ear between drawings, and NOT clipping it back to the cool magnet it has. After that, I have no idea what happened. I had to finish the show with the Griffin stylus, which turned out okay. I hope whomever finds my stylus enjoys it!
But I do miss it. :(

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

iPad gig in Vegas

I keep promising to talk about things I learned on the Vegas gig, but finding the time to do so has been a challenge. Sorry! Well, for one thing, I found that Running through the VGA cord slooooows down my iPad a bit. Not sure why, but everything just seemed to move slower. Curved lines even turned out straight until I slowed way down while drawing them. So that hurt my speed. Add to that the fact that trying to email by 3G took forever, and my power on my iPad drained really quickly. I would've been better with two iPads! I'm considering doing that, buying a second one for gigs. For a few hours I would've been fine, but for an all day trade show, well, I was sweating it. Add to that the fact that I was trying to send the pix to people via 3G ( Wifi was nonexistent here), and my power just got SUCKED away. One day I had to stop projecting for a bit and just hooked up to a power outlet to recharge while I continued drawing. With only one port on the iPad, drawing, recharging, AND projecting wasn't an option.

To Be Continued.....

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Monday, October 18, 2010

iPad toons, Vegas gig pt2

Back for another look into my recent iPad gig in Las Vegas. I found that doing full figure toons of people, with the faces so small, was quite challenging on the iPad. The brushes in ArtStudio and Sketchbook only go so small. So I was left with trying to capture likenesses with just a few lines and dots. I would've been much better off avoiding the faces all together , going for a more fashion illustration look, with just light indications of the faces. Boy, I look forward to doing a "real" caricature gig on the iPad again sometime soon, where I can use the entire image area for the face. These faces were too small for comfort!

But I did kinda dig the retro, "Mad Men" style I got with them. In places, a bit reminiscent of Ketcham, too, one of my favorite cartoonists ( whom you may notice I try to mention as much as possible on here). More tomorrow....

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

iPad toons, Vegas gig

I've been back from Vegas for a couple of days now, and am still trying to catch up on deadlines here. Plus, good buddy Tom Richmond and his family are visiting this week now, so it may take me awhile to post many of my pix from this gig.

All in all, the gig went well, and i learned a ton of new things. For the first pic to share, I'll show you another pic I did the night before the gig started. My wife and I hung out by the Venetian/Palazzo's big Poker room awhile, just watching the tables. It turned out to be a good drawing area, since the players are all in one spot for awhile. Here's one particularly unpleasant looking chap, waiting for his turn to play.
Drawn in about three minutes, btw.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ipad Toons...part 5

Another Mall sketch. See, I can draw guys still! LOL. This one was in Sketchbook Mobile, by the way, whereas some of them I've shown have been done in ArtStudio. I am schizophrenic with these apps.... I just can't decide which I like best.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Server at the Venetian

More iPad drawing, getting ready for the big show tomorrow. Drawn with the Griffin stylus in ArtStudio.

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iPad Stylus Reviews (Pt.4) : the OTHER iFaraday Stylus

Just in time for my big Vegas gig this week, Rustle Laidman, the inventor of the iFaraday iPad stylus, sent me his newest invention. It seems from his website that he now has three stylus types. I only have two, and I am not sure which one this is. But i can tell you that this version of his stylus has a firmer tip, and is my FAVORITE stylus now. It glides across the screen better than the Griffin, and seems more "pen or marker like" than the first iFaraday stylus. It's incredibly accurate in it's responsiveness, so much so that I almost forget I am drawing on an iPad. This model also has a cool black metal barrel that is less slick than the other model ( but still slicker than the Griffin ). I also kind of like the ring on the top of the pen, that is attached to a very strong little magnet. I have my pen attached to a lanyard string from an old convention I drew at, so it's great. The only things that would make this pen even better? I'd still like to see the barrel a bit longer, less slick, and a bit bigger around ( like a "real" pen ). Oh, and even though the magnet is cool, couldn't it also have a strong pen clip like the Griffin? If we had that, this would be as close to perfect as I've seen in iPad styluses. But it's already so good, I am just nitpicking.

I'll try to post some pix from the Vegas show this week as I draw more with this stylus. I am looking forward to it. Thanks for getting it here to me just in time, Rustle! I love it! You will too, gang, if you give it a try. ( )

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Long night...

How to know it's going to be a long night.....
Yep, our flight to Vegas is so late, Delta is now paying for my gluten free loaded baked potato from Outback Steakhouse.

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iPad Stand

Yeah, yeah, I know, the iPad has kind of taken over this blog lately. I am still drawing on paper occasionally, and on the Wacom a lot.. I'll get back around to showing that kind of stuff soon. Promise. But for now, it's more iPad stuff:

I picked up this cool iPad stand from Best Buy while I was there this week. It's from Rocketfish, and securely holds the iPad in place, while allowing 360 degree swiveling. I like to hold my iPad while I draw, but if I get tired and WANT to place it up, kind of like a tabletop easel, this is going to be great for that.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

VGA output from the iPad

Ah Ha! Finally got the VGA output attachment for the iPad to work. Well, to be honest, "Derek" at Best Buy did. I'm drawing for a great client next week out in Vegas, and now they've decided they want me to be able to have my iPad images show on the monitor in our booth. I'm cool with that - it'll be fun to see them that large, and will "draw" people over to the booth. Just one tiny thing... that "tech-y" stuff? That's on the other side of the brain for me. I knew the iPad would do what they wanted with the VGA attachment, and I knew the programs I draw in, ArtStudio and Sketchbook, had the ability to project on a screen, but exactly HOW do to get them to do it, I had no idea.

So, I made the first trip to Best Buy. On this trip I bought the VGA attachment and a VGA cord. You need both. The total for them was about $75 ( I got the 8 ft long VGA cord). I brought my new purchases home, and the first thing I did was to call my buddy Scott Sullivan, who with his lovely talented wife, Angie Jordan, are really pioneering the iPad caricatures. (Check out their website , www. , and their videos on YouTube for lots of great info and art.) Scott told me what to do, how easy it all was. So, I plugged the VGA attachment to my ipad, the VGA cord to it, and then the other end of the cord I hooked up to my laptop, and... nothing. I called Scott AGAIN ( thanks for your patience with me, buddy! ). Oh... it seems that neither of the laptops I have actually have VGA OUT. Neither does my shiny big iMac 27". Neither do ANY televisions in my house. I knew in THEORY this was all supposed to work, but I didn't want my client to be disappointed when I am there in Vegas if I can't make it work.

So, I did the only logical thing. I went back to Best Buy. To Derek again, who'd sold me the stuff the day before. I told him my issue, and said ( nicely ), that if he couldn't make this work, I was going to return the merchandise for a refund. He wasn't at all flustered, being the tech-y, left brained kind of guy he is.
He took the VGA cord and plugged it into the back of a monitor they had on display in the store...
...right into what, for me, had been a very elusive VGA output port. For the right brained artsy types of you out there like I am, it seems most VGA ports are now color coded BLUE. As you can see from the first photo of this post, once we had it hooked up, my iPad did exactly what it was supposed to do. Success!

I hope this helps anyone else out there looking to do the same thing....

iPad Toons...part 4

I went to the Food Court in a local mall today, to just sit there and draw random people on the iPad. Was great practice, trying to capture them before they got up and left. Also, drawing "incognito" was an interesting challenge. But I never got caught!

Yeah, yeah, I could've taken more time on the chairs and stuff. I was more interested in drawing fast, and playing with the iPad rather than spending too long on making any one drawing "perfect".

More tomorrow....

Friday, October 08, 2010

iPad Toons...part 3

More iPad sketching... gotta practice. This one is in the Sketchbook Pro app.

Thursday, October 07, 2010



Back at the Y for physical therapy. Thought I'd bang out a quickie of this guy trying to psyching himself up to lift.

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I figured for my first abstract caricature on the iPad, I'd take a swing at a face I know all too well...
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ipad Toons...part 2

My daughter had leg surgery a few weeks ago, and is now in physical therapy a few times per week at the local YMCA. I took my iPad with me this morning and drew some of the morning crew of lifters. This girl caught my eye as a good one to sketch. Done in ArtStudio.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

iPad Jesus

One of my favorite stories from the New Testament is when Jesus gets to his ailing friend Lazarus' home too late and he is dead and buried.

Wait... it's NEVER too late for the Son of God! "Lazarus come forth!", He says, and Boom! it's done.

The Passion of the Christ is by far my fave Jesus movie, but the Lazarus story is powerfully depicted in the much maligned (some deserved, some not ) "Last Temptation of Christ".

Oh yeah, this was done on the iPad except for the lettering and my signature.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

iPad Stylus Reviews (Pt.3) : the Griffin Stylus

As I said in my last post, I REALLY liked the iFaraday stylus when I first got it. But it just proved to feel too "brush like" for my tasts. The newest iPad stylus I've bought, and my favorite so far, is the Griffin stylus. The tip here is soft rubber, but it moves easily across the surface of the iPad, and doesn't "drag" at all.

Why I like it:

1. The tip feels the most like drawing with a "real" pen or marker in my opinion.

2. The black metal barrel looks nice with the iPad, and it's also less slick than the iFaraday or Pogo Styluses, both of which I have tried. ( see the previous reviews ).

3. The pen clip is much sturdier than the Pogo , in particular. I've broken lots of those cheap Pogo clips. Ugh.

Is this stylus perfect? No, not at all. But until I find a better one, I will be drawing with the Griffin.

I know I'm brief with these reviews, but hopefully they help. If you have questions on any of the styluses, just post a comment, and I'll try to answer.

Monday, October 04, 2010

iPad Stylus Reviews (Pt.2) : the iFaraday Stylus

The next Stylus I bought is the iFaraday. When I first got it, I thought I'd struck gold. It draws at any angle ( unlike the disappointing Pogo), and is much more responsive. But if I thought the Pogo felt like drawing with a little pillow on the end of a stick, the iFaraday REALLY feels like that. It has kind of a brush feel to it when you are using it. I don't actually like this, as I like drawing with pens, not brushes. So, my search continued for the "perfect" stylus...

Stay tuned.....

(By the way, these are available online at : )

Sunday, October 03, 2010

iPad Stylus Reviews (Pt.1) : the Pogo Sketch

Like I said recently, I have been sketching a lot more on the iPad, getting ready for the upcoming gig on it. I'll share some more sketches soon, but before that, I thought I would talk about what I am sketching WITH.

The first stylus I bought for the iPad was the Pogo Sketch. Now, let's get this straight right from the beginning... I don't really like AND iPad Styluses ( Styli?) I have tried. What I wouldn't give for a Wacom stylus on this thing...

Having said that, the Pogo Stylus is my least favorite ( and I've tried three so far ).


1. Too skinny.

2. Too short.

3. The barrel is kind of slippery I think? Maybe it's just that I have sweaty hands. LOL.

4. It's kind of like drawing with a thin stick with a little pillow on the end. Really, it doesn't seem like your line goes down where you want it to, if that makes sense.


Well, you CAN draw with it, and it IS better than drawing with your finger, I think. At least a little bit.

iPad Toons...part 1

I posted a few of my iPad drawings up here awhile back, but haven't posted any lately. That's because I've had little "play time" on the iPad to just sketch. That's about to change. It has to!

I have a big gig in Vegas coming up in two weeks where I will be drawing on the iPad. Trying to log in some practice time between now and then. Right now, just playing around, sketching whatever I want. I have drawn for this client before, and I will be doing what I call "Live Draws" for them again rather than caricatures.

"Live Draws", for lack of a better explanation, are cartoon character designs of people. Lots of drawn in action stuff, no real posing. Kind of like life drawing, but more cartoony:

Anyway, because there is little posing, I have to not only get good on the iPad, but also very quick. Allright, enough of my blabbing. If you want to see more, keep checking here for the next week or so, and I'll try to post my sketches.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Plaid Stallions!!!!!

From... the... best.... website... ever....

I am pretty sure I had an outfit almost exactly like this back in elementary school in '73 or '74.

"Hey, pretty mama... you're lookin pretty fine".....

I REALLY need to talk my wife into us getting matching outfits like this....

These gorgeous pix are both from the hilarious, insanely entertaining Plaid Stallions website. Tons of Toys, Fashion Ads, and all things cool that we remember as kids from the late 60s to the early 80s. I go here everyday now. It's HIGHLY addictive:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Like I've said before on this blog, I am a huge Dennis the Menace fan because of Hank Ketcham's incredible art.
Over the years, Hank also had assistants and "ghost artists" on his many Dennis projects ( including the great Ron Ferdinand and Marcus Hamilton who do the strip now that Ketcham's deceased). One of the best was Owen Fitzgerald, and I was at my local comic shop today trying to track down some of the comic books of Dennis that he drew. In one I bought, from 1962, there was this scene. Since so much of my income comes from caricatures, I couldn't resist scanning the page in and sharing it with you.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Where has a YEAR gone? I'm still alive! Blogs may not be, but that's another story...... I'll post some stuff soon, I promise!

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Abstracts on iPad

Haven't tried any abstract caricatures on my iPad yet, but thought I'd give it a try. Figured I'd start with a face I know all too well...

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Prodigal Son

Had a client awhile back commission this illustration to use in some seminars he does for pretty big corporations. Wasn't quite sure how this particular Bible story fit in with what he does, but I've always liked this parable, so I figure it would be fun to draw. I like doing B&W sometimes like this.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dino Boy Sketch!

Had a lot of fun sketching this quick one of Dino Boy! Who's Dino Boy you ask? Only the greatest character ever created by my good buddy Kenny Durkin's fourteen year old ( ? ) son, Alex. Keep drawing, Alex! You've got tons of talent!

Monday, July 05, 2010


My buddy Tom Richmond has an amazing Batman suit. If he's Batman, then I guess I am the Clown Prince of Crime. By the way, Photoshop was used only on the colors here....

Here's the original, untouched photo from this year's National Cartoonists Society Ruebens Award Weekend.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Michele Nichols... Never Forgotten

It's been two days since I found out, and I still don't know what to say.

If you've caught the national News the past few days, you may have heard that a small plane went down around midnight Wednesday in Minnesota. Fellow caricaturist and friend, Michele Nichols, was on that plane.

There were no survivors. Michele was an amazing, incredible person. A few months ago, I was just playing around and started to sketch some of the artists who work with our caricature concession company, Caricature Connection. Michele, one of our Lead Artists, was one of the ones I drew. I went on to
ink and color it. The next time I saw Michele, I told her about the drawing, and how I thought she'd like it. I promised to email it to her.

Unfortunately, I never got around to it to her. Here it is now. I know somehow she can see it still. Sorry it took so long, Shelley!I

Our condolences go out to Michele's entire family, especially her Dad, our friend Randy Nichols.
Randy was the music leader at a church Barbie and I attended for a few years and an all around amazing, gifted musician. I will never forget being at a gig at the Grand Floridian five years ago, when Randy jumped off the stage (he was there with his band, performing) after a set was done, and proceeded to make his way to where we were set up drawing caricatures. It was a large event, and we had many artists there. He spoke to someone, and they referred him to me. Not recognizing me from church, he asked how someone got a job doing this, drawing caricatures. He told me he had a daughter that was a really good artist. I gave him my name and number, but figured I would never hear anything back from it.

Two months or less later, his daughter, Michele, started at CC. Here she is on the left, on her very first day, at a training session I offered to anyone who wanted to work with us. My oldest daughter, Brady Ann, is the little girl in the photo. She was so proud to be there with "the big people", drawing along side them. She was always a fan of Michele's art as well.
I will never forget Michele's smile, her rapport with guests, her spirit. After several years with us, it was obvious that Michele was one of the best and brightest C.C. had ever had the chance to work with. So her promotion to "Lead" status was long overdue. She seemed so proud of becoming a Lead, and we were so happy to have her in that capacity. I only wish it had lasted longer.
Here we are at a big gig awhile back, ready to start drawing the hundreds of guests. Michele was always an integral part of these big events, helping me organize the lines, making sure as many guests as possible were drawn, and producing her always amazing artwork.
Guests and clients alike adored her . In the last year or so, she was one of the artists we booked the most on events.
Tonight, as I was writing this, I remembered a caricature of me that Michele had drawn a couple of years ago. I went and scanned it in to show it here. It's one of my most highly prized possessions. There won't be anymore caricatures drawn by Michele. At least not here.

I am heartbroken tonight, but I am at the same time elated. Why? Because I know that Michele was a fellow Christian and I know she had a Glorious Homecoming. I bet she's drawing everyone in Heaven right now....

We love you, Michele.

We will see you again one day.....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lunar Donut LIVES!!!!

Well, the time is drawing near for my comic strip venture to "go live". In the time my friend and writing partner, Jeremy James, and I have been working on this, we've went through several name and story changes, but kept the cast of characters pretty much the same. Think of it like movie scripts that have "working titles". But we've finally decided on the ACTUAL title and story line now! We're still working on the "real site" for the strip, but until then, I'll continue posting development sketches and storyline stuff over on the new blog,

Friday, May 21, 2010

iPad Drawing

I haven't talked about it on here yet, but I bought an iPad last week.... and
I LOVE it! This thing has made my laptop obsolete overnight, and man, am I glad I didn't waste my money on a Kindle Reader a few months ago! I downloaded the Kindle app and have been really enjoying reading them on my iPad ( the selection of books on the Amazon Kindle app is far better than iBook that comes with the iPad ).

PLUS, I can draw on the iPad! I purchased a POGO Sketch stylus to draw with, and I've been practicing with it when I can. I'm going to be doing live caricature bookings on the iPad( already have a huge booking on it in Vegas this Fall) so I want to get really good with it. I want my lines to look like my " normal " lines, ya know? But drawing with the POGO is a little weird. There's a definite learning curve. With the sponge-y end, I liken it to drawing with a little pillow on the end of a stick. LOL.

Anyway, I am starting to get the hang of it now, I think. Here's a Ben 10 I drew last night all on the iPad with Sketchbook Pro. Hope ya like!

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Thursday, May 06, 2010


A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine, Marco Garcia, and I did a Grafitti gig for a client.I got a ton of photos, and am finally downloading them. Here's a few:
The Tag Master, Marco, about to begin his masterpiece...
THIS was too funny. The guests at the event were encouraged to grab a spray can and "Be A Tagger" for the night, painting whatever they wanted. Part of our job was to be "greeters" to our painting area, help the guests, encourage them, and worse case scenario, cover up any profanity or obscene images they might try to write or draw.

Anyway, among the guests was this guy, a for real rocket scientist who grew up in Brooklyn and was a real "Tagger" in his teens. He painted on underpasses, buildings, subways, all while being chased by police, he told us. So we gave him a stylin' paint suit and a can of paint. He was the real deal! Wow, in his fifteen minutes with us he really knocked out a lot of the sponsor company's logo that we were to draw an abstract version of. Free help! Gotta love that!
Here's one of me painting up high. ( And getting "high" from the fumes, LOL. )
The final logo side. The client loved it!