Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday, Barbie! Part 2

Saturday afternoon, for Barbie's birthday, we and the Richmonds went to see "Xanadu" on Broadway. Made as a spoof/homage to a really bad film from the early 80s of the same name, which is still one of Barbie's favorite movies, Xanadu has actually been getting rave reviews. Which is understandable. Sure, there were times that I was starting to doze off, just like when Barbie forced me to watch the film, but overall, it was a joy to watch. We all had a great time.

Later we met up with the Steckleys for a night out at the great Jean George's restaurant. Great food, great atmosphere, great service.... GREAT BIG bill. It may have been Barbie's birthday, but we all had such a good time, it might as well have been our birthdays as well.

Happy Birthday, baby. I love you.

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Steve said...

Oh my... I missed Barbies 21st birthday!!! Please forgive me!! Hope you guys had a blast! Tell her she ALWAYS looks like a 21 year old, she rocks!