Friday, August 10, 2007

Touring on the Big Red Bus!

That's Big Ben... and, no, it's not actually growing out of Barbie's head.
My honey, looking at the map.
The London Bridge, as we rode over it.
Me and Barbie at Hyde Park, in front of the "Speaker's Corner".

Today the James' got into London. They came right to the hotel from the airport, and caught me eating breakfast at the buffet downstairs (it's difficult to eat every 2-3 hours here like I do back home, I'm finding...but that's another post). We spent the afternoon touring around on one of the big red tour buses you always see. Big Ben, London Bridge, Tower of London (which we toured through), Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, we saw them all. And even had time for lunch at an outdoor diner. It was a great day. And I'm finally getting over my jet lag. Mostly.


Eduardo G. Reyna said...

Still traveling,wow!
Is this the second version of Jules Verne's "Around the world in 80 days"?
The old London! Someday I will go there,too. When I see the Big Ben and the London Bridge in pics I always wonder...and where is Peter Pan? Certainly his spirit must be there!

Esly Carrero said...

Did you sing???
~London Bridges falling down, falling down, falling down. London Bridges falling down.. my fail lady.~