Saturday, November 14, 2009

Me at ISCA 09

2009 ISCA Awards Ceremony - Part one

I have to get all of those "ums" out of my speech pattern. Ugh! It's always horrible listening to yourself speak. But see, this is proof I was there! Told ya! Thanks for posting this one as well, Brian.

But "Keelam"? "Keelam"????LOL

Oh well, with my name you get used to it!


Brian Vasilik said...

Sorry for the spelling error Keelan.
Great seeing you in Ohio!

Eduardo G. Reyna said...

Hi Keelan,
My address in blogspot now is
Have a nice evening.

Keranu said...

My name's Keelan too! I've heard probably at least a dozen different mispronunciations of my name.

KeelanParham said...

Keranu, or Keelan... right? Too strange... I've rarely met another of "us". Funny. How old are you? I have a theory I'm the oldest Keelan this go around ( it being an ancient Celtic name and all). I always said, being born in 1967, that I was lucky I wasn't named "Moonbeam"... the flower children time and all.

Anonymous said...

I've never met another Keelan personally, but I've had what I call "third party encounters" where other people have told me that they've met other Keelans. I'm 22 (born 1987).

How is yours pronounced? Mine is like kee-lynn.