Tuesday, January 25, 2011

iPad "Toon of the Day"

Yes, I do still draw "old school", with pen and paper, sometimes. Just drew live caricatures at a huge event at Disney last night, actually. But drawing on the iPad and then being able to post to my blog instantly with BlogPost, the app I use for blogging, is just SO easy compared to scanning in paper drawings, that you're probably going to see more and more iPad toons from me here. I am still working on an iPad tutorial, about how I draw on it in ArtStudio, but it's taking more time than I thought to do it correctly.

Until then, here's another cartoon sketch from a live iPad gig a few weeks ago. I really like how I am able to "cut into" the black when I am done, to pull out white lines and highlights. I learned from Hank Ketcham's work that black with white in it is more visually interesting than solid black.

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