Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Toon Challenge: Space Invader!

Well, after winning the initial TOON CHALLENGE um.. challenge, over on FaceBook with my "The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly" Cowboy tribute, I followed it up the next month with... NOTHING. Yep, even after I got to choose the challenge topic ( I chose King Arthur ), I was just too busy to compete. Lame. Well, at least my good buddy Kenny Durkin entered and won. This month, there's mere hours left to enter anything, and I just couldn't let the deadline pass me by again. ( Particularly since I have several unfinished King Arthurs on my desktop that stare me down everytime I am working on my computer). Even though this is just a five minute "Space Invader" ( the current challenge topic) quickdraw I did before I started my "real work" today, I thought he turned out good enough to share. Hope ya like...

1 comment:

Anthony C. Smith said...

Hey Keelan! What's up!? Nice alien by the way. Very creative for a quick draw. Keep it up!

Tony Smith