Friday, March 09, 2007

Shark Divin'

Months ago, me and my honey went to one of these charity benefit dinners we try to go to a couple of times per year, and we bid on a few things in the silent auction. Barbie begged me to let her bid on the "Shark Dive" package from Sea World, knowing that I would be reluctant to go with her, since I'm a big wuss. She assured me "We probably won't win, and besides, it's for charity...".

Yeah, well, we WON.


Anyway, yesterday was the day. I tried not to think about it (remember, I'm a wuss), and just accepted my fate. I'm glad I did. We had an amazing time. Toured through the park, Barbie rode The Kraken (again... Me=Wuss), and even saw a couple of caricaturist friends (hi, Maria!).

The Shark Dive, by the way, was WAY cool, but the time with "my girl" was WAY cooler. Thirteen and a half years, and going stronger than ever. God is good.


Eduardo G. Reyna said...

Really awesome my friend!
One more time I can see you are a very lucky guy.

-Mike "El Loco One" said...

Rub it in why dontcha! Looks like you had fun, Tell Mrs Keelan, if she ever wants to ride Kraken again, I'm right down the street. LOL.

Tom said...

I'm impressed, Kee! I'd never have gotten Anna down there. I wouldn't need a cage personally, as I am quite sure a shark would take one bit of me and spit it out... I'm sour.

Anna Richmond said...

Any thing for Charity! Did you grab some sushi while you were down there? Barbie is much braver than me, I'm a wuss like you!I think Sea World Sharks are nicer than Hawaii sharks. Give all your girls hugs for me!

Steve said...

Wow! So pleased you had a great time together! Im a wuss too and have total respect for your Shark antics, way to rock! And God IS good, all the time - Word up!