Sunday, September 16, 2007

Some more live pix

These are both from gigs where I was drawing live (as opposed to drawing dead?). I liked how this first one turned out:

Don't have a photo of the model, though. It DID look just like him, though. Trust me! I love these Chartpak gray markers that I've been using on gigs for awhile.

This one was at one of the occasional abstract gigs I get to draw at. It's tough, brain-taxing work to turn out simple but concise abstract renditions of people that look just like them....all in a few minutes. But I love it. This one turned out okay...the model had a big smile, but of course she didn't show her teeth when I snapped the photo! I hate when that happens.


Ted said...

Sweet stuff, I think I was there for the top one, wish I was for the bottom one. We should get some great ones tonight!! See you soon!!

KeelanParham said...

Yeah, you need to post on your blog some of your "butt sketches" from the gig the other night, that you're referring to here, Ted. You had some good stuff going on.

Glad you like these. Thanks for letting me know.

Esly Carrero said...

That one at the top RULES! Man.. look at his teeth!! ha! that's so funny. lol..

The abstract one is cool. U got the skinny neck bone on her just right.