Saturday, February 21, 2009

Odd Rods rule!

I've said it plenty of times. When you find, like I do, that cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc., are just "too mechanical", and really time consuming and tough to draw, just add lots of chrome, flames, and smoke! This theory isn't original, of course, as many cartoonists, especially Big Daddy Roth of "Rat Fink", was famous for doing the same thing. But, until today, I had forgotten "Odd Rods"! THESE are the "car-TOONS" I remember as a kid.

It's a great site, brand new, with an interesting history page, and TONS of images in the gallery.

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Tim Gardner said...

OMG, I remember these cards! But I haven't thought about these since, er, 1970-something as a little tot... Wow, what a flood of nostalgia! I LOVED these as a kid... Thanks Keelan.