Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recent Work: Pastor

I got this call awhile back from a big church out West who were doing a book and video series for kids. The art director liked my cartoony character design stuff, and hired me to do a toon of their pastor, who would be the star of the series. They were going to animate it in FLASH, though, and I don't do that program. And I didn't have to time to learn it in the short deadline they gave me. So, I had to do some extra "parts" for them to animate (the A.D. knows FLASH himself, so it was cool)
Here's the final version, with the extra arm.
Here's my inked version, with an extra hand I was playin around with. This was in Sketchbook, by the way, and the color was in Photoshop CS2, for inquiring minds.
And here's my original "blue line sketch" in Sketchbook, before I inked it. I would've loved to have had more time on this job, but I liked how it turned out and so did they.


The Courteous Chihuahua said...

Are you going to learn FLASH?? I would love to have some talent!

Angie Jordan said...

Nice step by step flash cartoon posting, Keelan!