Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baja Dos, part 2

Here's a pic of our mission team from our local church, HighPoint Church, here in Orlando Florida. This was taken at the Orlando airport before we flew to San Diego, and then got on a bus to Rosarito Beach in Baja Mexico.
Each morning, we were bussed out again to a small village named Terazzas. We built a church, built a house, fed a vileage full of people, and told people about the love of Christ. This first day, though, all I wanted to do was hide behind my pen and paper!
I drew lots of caricatures of the locals while I was there. Nearly 200 of them, most of them on two different days.

It was cool to use my talents for HE who gave them to me, and to see people's faces light up when they got the drawings. God truly does use the simple things, sometimes...

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Eduardo G. Reyna said...

Nice pics of your trip to Terrazas in Baja California (Lower California). 200 drawings are many drawings!