Wednesday, September 02, 2009

BajaDos, part 3

It's funny, in "real life" I "need" a comfortable chair, and my fancy easel, and my special drawing paper that's just the right size and weight. Well, maybe it's not so funny, ya know? On the mission trip to Baja, I was perfectly content in the BLAZING sun, no shade for miles, sitting on two concrete blocks in the middle of a sandy field, drawing on a sketchbook barely bigger than my hand. And the people loved the drawings, as a bonus.
When you're using your talents for the one who gave them to you, it's incredibly fulfilling.

I told my wife, I've never felt so fulfilled... so confident that I knew I was in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing... in my entire life.


cabap said...

great photo's Keelen,
jan :)

KeelanParham said...

Thanks, Jan. Hey, are you going to the ISCA con this year? I'm still trying to work out my schedule, to see if I can attend.

cabap said...

Hi Keelan,
It's impossible to go to the con. this year.I hope to meet you an other time my friend,
jan :)

when I started with drawing caricatures 2 years ago my first book was your's.
Now I still do watercolorpaintings and caricatures.
If you are interested to see what I make in watercolor feel free to visit my blog: