Sunday, November 07, 2010

The King, Part 2

I changed a few things before I colored this piece. Boomhauer's can changed to a bottle, all of the cans are now the same size, I added the recycle bin, etc. More than in the opening of the show, I played with colors in my version. All of the blue pants contrast with my orange-y fence. The blue bands on the cans are right against that as well, "popping" them out. The recycle bin is orange, against the blue of the pants right next to him.There's a lot of yellow in that fence, which butts up against a purple of the roof of the house. The red hat is against the green trees. All kinds of stuff going on.

If you haven't tried "King of the Hill" before, do so. It's running twice a night where I live ( Orlando, FL ).. And if you dont' like the art, like I didn't at first... well, do what I did, and redesign it!!!

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