Saturday, October 06, 2007

Two from new gig

Man, I got back in from our leisurely trip to Callie, and was crazy slammed with gigs. An all dayer on Tuesday, three gigs on Tuesday, and an all dayer on Thursday. My eyes were crossed by yesterday, and I was seeing faces when I laid down to sleep. I took a good many photos, so I'll try to post some of them. Here's three pix of two drawings. For the first drawing, I also included a photo of the model. When you photograph them, they never give you the look they were posing with when you drew them! Ugh!

I got a lot of my inspiration for this one from Hiro's costume on "Heroes", the TV series, that we faithfully watch in my house. I kinda like the little ninjas in the background.
This next guy, I just thought was a pretty cool pic. He was part of a big, wild group. They were all partyers, and a lot of fun. I needed that for my third gig of the day.

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