Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Recent Gig Pix

Here's some drawings from a live gig a few weeks ago.

I was thinking "Cartoon Network" here.
Here I was thinking more flowing, connecting lines. Ala Hirschfeld, a bit. And a few others from the 1930s and 40s who are lesser known than him.
Finally, what I call my animation character design caricature style these days. Geez, I gotta get a shorter term for it. Anyway, these are three of the styles I worked in that day. I also did one or two that were abstract, I believe, and at least one pretty exaggerated one.

It's fun on gigs to go back and forth between styles. I figure, every face is different, why shouldn't every drawing be? Why, as artists, do we have to stick to one style? I rarely have people say "But I wanted THAT other style I saw you draw in". Instead, they seem to get into it, and wonder how I'm going to depict THEM. It ups the "surprise" factor, I find. Plus, it keeps me artistically fresher, less bored, and less generic with my work.


Eduardo G. Reyna said...

I like the one of the girl very much! but all of them are cool.

Anonymous said...

Love 'em Keelan. P.S. How about 'Character Animature'??

KeelanParham said...

Thanks, guys!