Sunday, January 20, 2008

Toon Weekly: Clown!

Man, this week's Toon Weekly challenge baffled me. "Do a clown, but without a red nose, big shoes, all the normal clown stuff", is basically what it called for. "Like the first clown ever", or something like that.

Well, I talked it over with my bud Ted, and he and I had almost the same exact idea for how to fulfill the assignment. ... a caveman clown, going with the FIRST clown ever thing. So, since I asked him, and he was therefore the first one to voice it , I figured I'd just have to come up with another approach.

No such luck. So, I decided since I was stuck on the traditional clown image, I'd just draw it for my entry, focusing on some color hold stuff in the lines, and playing with a cool background effect.
Here he is, looking all clowny.


Just Toons said...

Cool picture, Keelan. I like the tiny umbrella balanced by the huge tie. This weeks is much more straight forward, I promise!!!

KeelanParham said...

Thanks, Justin!

Ted said...

Yours is just all kind of cool! Executed incredibly!

My caveman looks not near as cool as this....

Angie said...

Are you clowning around again? ha ha

Cool clown! Dig the patterns. I wish I had time to participate for Toon weekly. Maybe I will pop in there at some point this year.

Keep up the good cartoon work Keelan!