Wednesday, October 06, 2010

iPad Jesus

One of my favorite stories from the New Testament is when Jesus gets to his ailing friend Lazarus' home too late and he is dead and buried.

Wait... it's NEVER too late for the Son of God! "Lazarus come forth!", He says, and Boom! it's done.

The Passion of the Christ is by far my fave Jesus movie, but the Lazarus story is powerfully depicted in the much maligned (some deserved, some not ) "Last Temptation of Christ".

Oh yeah, this was done on the iPad except for the lettering and my signature.


JimmyPereira said...

Wow! Done on the iPad with the pogo pen? Very impressed! The used of black is very nice!

Beast said...

Very Cool, Keelan

JAH said...

Pretty cool. You should make a Bible graphic novel.