Sunday, October 03, 2010

iPad Stylus Reviews (Pt.1) : the Pogo Sketch

Like I said recently, I have been sketching a lot more on the iPad, getting ready for the upcoming gig on it. I'll share some more sketches soon, but before that, I thought I would talk about what I am sketching WITH.

The first stylus I bought for the iPad was the Pogo Sketch. Now, let's get this straight right from the beginning... I don't really like AND iPad Styluses ( Styli?) I have tried. What I wouldn't give for a Wacom stylus on this thing...

Having said that, the Pogo Stylus is my least favorite ( and I've tried three so far ).


1. Too skinny.

2. Too short.

3. The barrel is kind of slippery I think? Maybe it's just that I have sweaty hands. LOL.

4. It's kind of like drawing with a thin stick with a little pillow on the end. Really, it doesn't seem like your line goes down where you want it to, if that makes sense.


Well, you CAN draw with it, and it IS better than drawing with your finger, I think. At least a little bit.

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