Monday, October 18, 2010

iPad toons, Vegas gig pt2

Back for another look into my recent iPad gig in Las Vegas. I found that doing full figure toons of people, with the faces so small, was quite challenging on the iPad. The brushes in ArtStudio and Sketchbook only go so small. So I was left with trying to capture likenesses with just a few lines and dots. I would've been much better off avoiding the faces all together , going for a more fashion illustration look, with just light indications of the faces. Boy, I look forward to doing a "real" caricature gig on the iPad again sometime soon, where I can use the entire image area for the face. These faces were too small for comfort!

But I did kinda dig the retro, "Mad Men" style I got with them. In places, a bit reminiscent of Ketcham, too, one of my favorite cartoonists ( whom you may notice I try to mention as much as possible on here). More tomorrow....

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