Sunday, October 03, 2010

iPad Toons...part 1

I posted a few of my iPad drawings up here awhile back, but haven't posted any lately. That's because I've had little "play time" on the iPad to just sketch. That's about to change. It has to!

I have a big gig in Vegas coming up in two weeks where I will be drawing on the iPad. Trying to log in some practice time between now and then. Right now, just playing around, sketching whatever I want. I have drawn for this client before, and I will be doing what I call "Live Draws" for them again rather than caricatures.

"Live Draws", for lack of a better explanation, are cartoon character designs of people. Lots of drawn in action stuff, no real posing. Kind of like life drawing, but more cartoony:

Anyway, because there is little posing, I have to not only get good on the iPad, but also very quick. Allright, enough of my blabbing. If you want to see more, keep checking here for the next week or so, and I'll try to post my sketches.

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